Chipboard Screw 5x60mm PZ2 CSK (10)

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Fibre Board Woodscrews are ideal for power driving into hard and soft wood, MDF and chipboard. Manufactured to reduce wood split, each screw is manufactured from steel and has been heat-treated for high resistance to breakage. With an aggressive clean cutting single thread that drives easily even in MDF and chipboard, the passivated zinc-plated and lubricated layer are designed to aid penetration. The 25° point angle usually needs no pilot, to allow you to begin driving instantly. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Features and Benefits
• Available in a range of sizes to suit your specific application
• Can be driven into soft or hard wood for versatility of use
• Specifically designed to reduce wood chip and splitting when driving
• Passivated zinc plating protects against wear and tear and corrosion as well as improving driving force
• 25° angle point usually requires no pilot hole to allow you to drill straight away

Typical Applications
• Construction
• Woodworking

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    Chipboard Screw 5x60mm PZ2 CSK (10)

    8 in stock