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We are FSC certified

FSC stands for ‘Forest Stewardship Council®‘. They are an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards.

Ashley Timber in 2012 managed to gain certification to sell products which are certifed as FSC. This means we can actively promote forestry sustainability and regeneration and ensures that timber materials can be traced from root to customer.

A large range of products we stock are covered by our FSC certification, simply ask our staff for details on FSC products or look out for the FSC mark on company press and stationary

Note: Not all products supplied by Ashley timber are FSC certified, only products which are certified are marked as such.

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environmental Policy

Ashley Timber are proud to support environmental causes and where possible we try to buy as many of our products from responsible suppliers and from sustainable sources.

As part of a wider commitment to sustainability we also try to recycle as much of our waste product as we can, sending timber for recycling or selling it as firewood. We also recycle all of our cardboard and are currently looking at other ways to reduce our carbon footprint.